KeyCode enum missing fourth joystick index

After a decision to add xbox controller support to my game, I’ve discovered that the KeyCode enum doesn’t have values representing the values on a fourth device. Is this intended, and if so why? Currently the only methods I know of to check the button input on a gamepad is through Input.GetKey, Input.GetKeyXxx, and through Input.GetButton/GetButtonXxx using inputs created in the Input Manager. I’m unable to test this as I don’t have four xbox controllers, but from what I can tell, would “joystick 4 button 0” register as an invalid argument?

We will add enums for a forth joystick in Unity 3.5. Meanwhile, using either the string version (“joystick 4 button 0”), or just incrementing the enum (KeyCode)((int)KeyCode.Joystick3Button0 + 20) will work fine.