KeyCode equivalents to Axis (Joystick)

I need to rewrite Unity’s input management system due to Unity’s current implementation being too static and generally being poor at handling user binding / multiple player configurations. Being able to detect and bind user button inputs will be simple, since fetching specific button inputs is as simple as calling:

 GetKey( Keycode.[Bound Button Here] )

However, there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent for Axis. I want to avoid using the InputManager class yet need to find a way to ask specifically for Joystick 1’s (or any up to 4) axis state.

Is there a way to fetch Axis information about a specific controller similar to the GetKey method above? Or is there any way generically fetching information about joystick axis?

No, there isn’t. The only solution is that you setup a seperate axis in the input manager for every possible axis / joystick combination you want / need to support. Then you can read them as you wish. If you want to support all axes you need to setup only 220 axes :stuck_out_tongue: