Keyframe animation WITHOUT curve (Sprite Animation)

Let’s say I have a sprite walking animation of 4 frames. The character sprite’s hand is in a different position every frame. So, I create an “anchor” object and place it at the position of the hand at every frame. This way, I can tell another object (that is supposed to look like it is in the character’s hand) to go to the position of the anchor at every frame. Seems to be working well, EXCEPT that Unity smooths/tweens around the position of the anchor object between positions. I don’t want it to do that. It makes the anchor float all around, when really, I want it to stay in one position.

How do I do this anchor thing without the smoothing/tweening? Thanks so much for your help

So figured this out be checking out the Unity docs:

Go to your animation window.

Go to the curves tab.

Click and drag to select all keyframes that you want to remove the animation curve from.

Right click keyframe → Select ‘Broken’

Right click keyframe → Both Tangents → Select ‘Constant’