Keyframes being added when none are in maya scene.

Hey all,

I’ve got an animation exported from maya to unity. I’m trying to optimize it but for some reason keyframes are being added when it is imported to unity.

I’ve baked all keys on Translations and Rotations on all of my joints (they’re working properly). Scales are at 1 but no keyframes have been applied to them. When I import these files (both fbx export as well as .ma’s) keyframes have been added to all of the joints scaling. If I turn Anim. Compression off, all curves have keys on all frames with a value of 1. If I switch Anim. Compression to Keyframe Reduction or Optimal, a keyframe pops up on the first and last frame with a value of 1.

Is there a way to remove all keyframes if there is no animation on a curve?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

I too have run into this issue in the past and never did get a proper solution on the forums here, one workaround however is selecting the animation clip as it appears in the unity project outliner, and duplicate it, this makes it editable in Unity (not just read only) you can then assign it to your animator, and open the animation window to delete any curves you don’t need. Unfortunately if you need to re-import the animation you will need to go through this process again.