Keyframing in the Animation window

Hi There!

I’ve run into a frustrating problem in the animation window that I hope someone can shed some light on for me. I am trying to set keyframes for a property in the in animation window, however the changes are not being reflected in the game. I’ve run into this in a few places, but the most frustrating is the following, as you can see the set keys in the curve view, but the changes still aren’t happening:


Is it something to do with the track being greyed out? Another example of this is when I import the project files from the course I’m working on (they were using 3.5 I believe), the keyframes do work, however the track in question is coloured in red (I wasn’t able to keyframe the alpha on the material on my own):


Is there something I’m overlooking?


i have got the same problem… but looks like the problem is that the animation does not fit with the armature… (in my case)…
did you do the animation in unity or did you just imported it?..