Keyframing post processing effects in Timeline

Are there any plans to implement this? I'm using 2019.6 and I would like to change the DOF in Timeline by keyframing values but it won't let me.


Unfortunately, no. It is something that can be done using a custom track, but the Post Processing values themselves aren't able to be animated directly using the animation systems timeline uses.

This blog shows how to animate properties of a custom timeline clip - for a custom DOF clip, that value would need to be copied to the DOF parameter by the playable behaviour.

Code wall! Not very friendly for us artists.

Any plans in the future?

Yeah, I completely understand that sentiment, I actually hate referring code as solutions. What I can say is it is not on Timeline’s immediate plans to support this for AnimationTracks.

There are other packages and other extensions for timeline written by the community, but I don’t know of one that does this specifically, but I definitely don’t know them all!

Cinemachine has support for post processing in their timeline integration, but I don’t remember off the top of my head if it has support for blending or animating DOF explicitly.

As for future plans though, we are looking into ways to make more things accessible for animation in future versions of timeline, through new tracks and features. Something like animating post process would qualify in that, although we haven’t tackled it explicitly yet.

2024....... cry in the corner

If you're using URP/HDRP, you could try my Animatable Volume Component ! It lets you directly key any parameter on to to AnimationClip / AnimationTrack.