Keypress triggers toggle

I have two checkbox toggles that work fine. My problem is that the spacebar and Enter keys act as if I had clicked on one of the toggles. I think the last toggle touched is the one affected. Is there are way to disable the effect of the key press?

I answered my own question (or, at least found workaround) in case anyone is interested. Apparently the UI maintains a “focus” on the last item selected (clicked-on). Then the Enter and Spacebar keys act as if they were clicking on the element with the focus. The workaround is to add a dummy element (I used a button; it wouldn’t work with a piece of text) and set the focus to that in the code.

   public Button dummy; // Just used to set focus away from toggles

Then, in the toggle listener functions set the focus back to the button:

   public void ShowVisitedToggleListener(bool value) { 
   if (value) { 
   } else 
   dummy.Select(); // Just to keep focus off of the toggles 
                   // so that key presses don't affect them 

When you get it all working you can just turn of the button in the Inspector. The code will still find it.