keystore query please answer

what is the basic use of a keystore … i am publishing my android made unity app on playstore . how do i know that a keystore is applied to my app… like usually in games there is a text sort of saying" copyright 2016 power gaming studios. copying editing or re distributing any part of this game is illegal ‘’ etc etc …do i need something like this to inform a user about the copyright as i think its useful…how do i write such a info and where in my game …does unity itself creates something like this because i have applied a keystore and there is nothing like this …is my keystore really applied or attached to my built app or not…please help as soon as possible thanks a lot plz help me

A key store is a repository for storing (cryptographic) keys. It is not specific to Unity, and it has nothing to do with copyright. It keeps your keys safe, so that people know that anything signed with your key (such as an app on the Google Play store) came from you.

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