Kill Unity-server process on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu

Hello ! I am developing a Unity server for a multi-player game, build for Linux on an Amazon EC2 server and it works to run it ! BUT i wanna know how to kill the process ?

Here my code to run the Unity-server :

./Av2_linux_server.x86_64 -batchmode -nographics -logfile log.txt & tail -f log.txt

Is there a command line to kill the process ?

Or something else, for example get a command line in Unity to do an Application.Quit() ?

Thanks !

Yes their is a linux command line process to kill processes.
It is Kill and the various sibling commands. I would highly suggest you look at the page bellow. Now this won’t have the app quit it will actually kill the running process.

As a side note if you are going to do a multiplayer game with Linux as your server I would suggest you spend some time getting familiar with linux. Kill is one of the core linux commands.


In that case their is nothing particular in Linux. You’re best bet is to watch a text file on the drive. Set it up when the program sees you change a 0 to a 1 it quits the app, and resets the file’s value to 0.

Nope it wasn’t, the main problem is that even if I use Kill commend on linux, it becomes a zombie process…