Kinect bonePos indexes?

I am using the wrapper for Kinect, and I want to implement a few gestures instead of mapping a model’s skeleton to the Kinect’s SkeletonWrapper. I want to use each joint’s 3D position data for this, similar to how it’s done in the official SDK, with skeleton.Joints[JointType.AnkleLeft].Position.X, etc.

Now, it seems SkeletonWrapper objects have a bonePos array property, which returns the positions of the bones. However, I have searched all over the SDK, as well as in a lot of sample projects, but I can’t find the list of joint indexes anywhere.

Does anybody know where I can find this list of bone/joint indexes for the Kinect SDK SkeletonWrapper?

I suppose I searched everywhere except the one place that was right in my face all along. The KinectInterop.cs file has a NuiSkeletonPositionIndex enum which can be used as index for this array. There we go!

I want to know with wrapper for kinect. How can get joints position data x,y,z?
like sdk skeleton.Joints[JointType.AnkleLeft].Position.X, etc. ?