Kinect Dance Game Unity3d

hi guys
i need your help.
i am currently developing a dance game using Unity3d and i want to create a queue dance step in right side of the screen like in the picture of dance central…but i don’t have enough idea on how to program that.

any ideas or tutorial ?
plss help me pls… :frowning:

GUI is very cumbersome and slow. Instead, use a camera and textures to draw the stuff to the screen.

For instance, you can put a camera in your scene set to only draw a GUI layer. Then you can add your textures to that layer. Set your other cameras to draw everything but the GUI layer. This way you can have rich GUIs without the performance impact of the Unity GUI system.

@killer_zog javascript itself should not be required. This can also work with C# or without any code at all.

Hey i want to know how create this type of game? How to detect dance steps.