kinect offical dll

hi can anyone help me putting the kinect dll files in unity i did put the dll files in asset folder but still getting an internal compiler error any help plz
thank u

The new Microsoft Kinect SDK libraries require .NET framework 4.0. I think Unity only supports up to 3.5

I think now the best option to use the Kinect SDK is

ZDK For Unity3D

If y’all are still looking for a solution, check out this wrapper:

Also here if you’re using the NITE stuff Source | Git | Assembla

On my site: I have posted one solution for using Kinect and Unity and cover some of the issues involved with their combined use. The solution uses the official SDK from Microsoft Research.

hello at me such question. Whether it is possible to write game to unity where there is a speech recognition by means of Kinect? or surely these libraries should be in a plug-in? as far as I know in a plug-in of all where that of 5 classes PlayerManager, KinectManager, HRezult, KinectInterface. but there such possibilities aren’t present.Thanks

I’ve had a lot of success with this wrapper:

Kinect2Arduino in the Unity Asset store works perfect for me. If you have any Kinect and Unity related problems, I’d recommend just getting this package to mitigate any kind of bugs, errors, or glitches. Kinect2Arduino in the Unity Asset Store