Kinect V2 plugin for Unity 3D

Hello developers! Have somebody Kinect V2 plugin for Unity 3D. If some one have complete version or not full plugin I can help or complete or some one want to make and test plugin please write !

For anyone else that comes looking, it’s an elusive sucker: on the page

You can download it at the link below. Just expand the System Requirement section.

nothing so far, you would have to use c++ to write dlls and import it to unity3d to use, for more info check this.

We cannot use C# directly into unity project, because the .Net version 4.0 or above is not supported by Unity3d (unity runs on 2.0 .Net version)

or you could use a standalone c++/c# application that connects to kinect and get data and send that over to Unity application (communication between application could be done by various methods, communication through local port is one old school method).

Microsoft now has a native unity plug in, which is great, and it’s available to download from their website. I’ve been playing with it for a while, but the results I’m getting from the skeletal tracking (orientations) is a little odd. Has anyone had any luck getting this to work?

How can we use the basic default gestures in kinect with unity?

Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 Unity Pro Add-in

There is now an available download here: