kinematic v's kinematic collisions

Hi all,

I do wish more information was available about how and why oncollisionenter and ontriggerenter work internally.
Anyway I have 2 kinematic bodies both with rigid bodies and yet I can’t get any collision registered with either. The problem is I don’t want to set ‘act as a trigger’. Because one of the bodies needs to react to non-kinematic and also needs to re-act to kinematic in the same way!. Not sure what to do here!!!. I did think about some horrible frig where I attach perhaps a 2nd object with different properties to the same object so I can detect both collisions but that seems a messy hack.
Any ideas. It might be I am just being thick and the solution is simple and elegant - LOL!
As usual all help is appreciated; I love this forum!!


To your comment about nondetected collisons - I think OnCollisionEnter and OnTriggerEnter both use the collider component and not the rigidbody component, if I understood your description correctly…
Make sure that any objects that are supposed to detect collisions through OnCollisionEnter have a collider component, hope that this isn’t obvious and unhelpful!