Kinematica: can't preview animation clip properly

  • Unity: 2020.1.2f1
  • Kinematica: v0.7.0-preview

Animation clips are created from Mixamo.
Animation playback is perfectly fine with mechanim and playable API, but the preview in Kinematica’s asset builder window is broken:


Is there any special requirement for Kinematica’s avatar(rigging) so that Mixamo-generated animations are not supported?

@superkerokero Just wondering if you have gotten any responses from the Kinematica dev team on your issue. I am having trouble getting a character with a Mixamo rig to work. I changed the names of the bones to match the Kinematica/Biped rig and then got the animations to play on my character but it is badly deformed. I have posted to the Kinematica blog … … but gotten no response on this. I see only you, myself and one other person posting here and wondering if you have had any feedback or learned how to resolve your issue as I am getting no responses myself. Thanks.


Actually, NO.

No response from Kinematica dev of any kind… It’s probably not a good idea to try KInematica now at this stage…