Label dots in between numbers (currency formatting)

I couldn’t make up a better name for the question. I’ve got a label which shows a variable representing your current money. The things is, the amount of money you have can be immense. Is there a way (in script) to show the variable with dots between the ‘thousands’. Once again, not a very clear description. I’m trying to figure how to do this:


Instead of this:


Is there a way to do this?

When you put the text into the label just use String.Format(“{0:C}”, yourNumberHere) for your local currency or String.Format(“${0:#,0}”, yourNumberHere) for one that always starts with a dollar - it should format according to the locale of the device using “.” and “,” relative to how the user expects to see it.

This is currency formatting. You can format values as currency in .NET with String.Format(“{0:C}”, value):

var money: float = 2500000;
print(String.Format("{0:C}", money);