Labels overlay

Hi there. I’ve got a problem with displaying coordinates of an object to display.
Sample of code relevant to text output:

  void OnGUI()
            string output = "";
            Rect rect = new Rect (0,0,300,300);
            output += "Actual Coordinates:  ";
            output += position.x.ToString("N3") + "  ";
            output += position.y.ToString("N3") + "  ";
            output += position.z.ToString("N3") + "  ";
            GUI.Label(rect, output);

And I have something like this on the screen:

I suppose it’s for labels overlay, but I didn’t find anything about that problem. Can you please provide me with some tips or solutions of this problem?

I managed to solve it. Just made AircraftFuselageBody independent and applied GUI script to it. @Piflik, thanks for tip :3