Lack of uGUI in Unity Flash

Exported builds don’t have any new uGUI elements. Will they be added in the future?

I doubt it, since Unity Flash is discontinued.

The 2D features were added to Unity Flash. I wonder if surces of UGUI would work in Unity Flash after imported (although slower than native).

The UI feature set will not be supported on the flash platform.

Is it fair for people who payed full price for Unity 4 Flash Pro and waited with others for promised GUI?
NOW are you telling that there won’t be new UI in Unity Flash although it’s in 4.x cycle?

That’s sad :frowning:
Now I understand that porting new features to a discontinued platform is a waste of resources.
But you could have made a decent error/warning upon building/deploying, that this feature is not supported. Also the documentation says nothing about it as far as I can see.

And also, starting with 4.5 the number of “silent errors” that appear in the flash player’s log are getting more and more. That’s not what I call keeping the deployment feature set functioning. One can only hope that those are not critical errors.

Please hurry up with the WebGL exporter, since for me that’s the only way out of this misery.


We stopped selling Flash 1 year and 4 months ago. In the blogpost we have mentioned that we would keep the feature set of Flash that was current at that point in time functioning; that's what people had bought to deploy their games with.
We've always worked to make sure that new stuff would work if it was possible. With UGUI that is just not the case and we have drawn the line there; UGUI support isn't available for Flash, nor will it ever.

@tteneder Warnings for non supported would be nice, I agree. I'll see if this is something we think is worth investing in. More importantly I do think we could have communicated UGUI not being supported on Flash. However, with the absolutely tiny amount of deploys of Flash as we see it now, we actually didn't expect anyone even trying.
As for the silent errors you mention, please file a bug and either post the #no here or PM it directly, and I'll take a look.

As for WebGL, this will be in Unity 5. In Unity 5, deployment to Flash and NaCl are completely removed, and only the webplayer remains, next to the early access of webgl that will be available in 5.0. UGUI is supported in WebGL.

I filed the bug (don’t know why I didn’t do that in first place :slight_smile: )

thanks for having a look!