Lacking terminology for making game object execute orders

I have a general question on how to continue learning. I lack terminology to google for tutorials but what i am curious about is how to make game objects perform actions programmatically. To move from one spot to another, go to the chair and sit down, slowly turn clockwise while moving in a zick zack pattern.

All i can think of is some kind of LERP idea, but that only works with one starting value going to one end value.

Im not presenting any code cause i dont have an actual problem to solve, im looking to read and experiment with basics. Am i just confused or is there a name for these sort of things? I can imagine there are tons of classical algorithms and such. Maybe its basic AI im looking for?

Actions, Verbs, acts? As far as I know there isn’t special word to describe actions in programming, although there would be phrase.

Character Controller simple move and move: to have a player control object move
rigidbody add force and torque or transform translate for AI to move

and the simple animation for them to do something like sit in a chair or pick up a ball and background programming to make the animations fit.