Laggy camera on const moving speed


I’m building a 2D game with a camera moving at a const speed over a bunch of sprites (2048x1024). The camera moves pretty laggy though, and the result is that the sprites seem to be “jumping” when the camera scrolls over them. The lagginess occurs both on PC and Android device.

I must be doing something wrong because this scenario is too basic…

I use this to update the camera position:

void Update () {
	transform.position = new Vector3 (transform.position.x + 5 * Time.deltaTime, 0, -10);

I’m also attaching a screenshot of my camera settings, for what it worth.

Anyone can help me with this?


What happens if instead you use the following function to update the camera position:

transform.position = new Vector3 (5 * Time.time, 0, -10);

Although it is probably a minimal change, I feel like using deltaTime for your camera position can induce errors in the long run.