LAN MMO Networking Technology

I’m wondering if anybody has an opinion on how to go about build a MMO with Unity networking that runs on LAN only. Photon? PlayFab? Rest API? GameSparks? Any other ideas? It will need to support 100-500 connections.

Thank you

If you have at least a bit experience with Networking you should know that there’s basically no difference between a LAN or a WAN game if you use a TCP or UDP protocol (which is basically always the case nowadays).

To answer the question, no, we don’t have “opinions” here since UnityAnswer is not for opinions.

The term “Network Technologies” is also a very abstract term. It’s not clear what kind of abstraction level you’re looking for. Furthermore MMO is also a quite abstract term. All it encodes is that you’re dealing with a larger concurrent user count as “normal”, whatever that means. It doesn’t say anything about the kind of game, what data has to be transmitted and how often.

There certainly is no perfect fit solution that you drop in and it just does what you had in mind. MMOs like OGame can work with a single server and a Rest API. However anything “more realtime” probably wouldn’t work with a Rest API (especially https requests).

If you want opinions or start a discusion, please head over to the Unity Forum. Though most questions and theories has already been posted, so please do a search before starting a new thread.