Laptop with dual graphics unity crashes

I have a laptop computer with dual graphics, an Asus rog fx 553v with an Intel hd 630 and gtx 1050 4gb, Intel i5 7300hq and 8gb of RAM. I can work normally but suddenly unity freezes and I have to kill the process, No errors or something, just a white screen. And if blender is opened then automatically unity freezes and also blender freezes. Any help? My graphics drivers are up to date.

I some forums the solution for dual graphics laptops was to uninstall nahimic, but my computer doesn’t even have it installed.

Hmm, I currently run a laptop with dual graphics and have also in the past with other laptops and never had a problem at all with two graphics cards. Perhaps its not your GPU’s but something else, as I now many other people who also run laptops with dual graphics and are fine.
I would try disabling your hd 630 in device manager and setting both Unity and Blender to use the GPU in Nvidia Control Panel, and then try that to see if it makes a difference, if it does then it probably your GPU and at that point I do not know what it would that might be causing this. But if it doesn’t make a difference then it probably wasn’t your GPU causing the crash but something else like running out of RAM.