Large Build Size - Unused Nature Pack Assets

I recently downloaded Nature Pack from the Asset Store to use in my scene which currently consists of 1025x1025 terrain and water.However I noticed my build size (for web player) increased substantially. So I deleted the Nature Pack Asset and created a brand new scene. The build size for the new scene (with no objects or assets added) is 74kb. When I reimport the Nature Pack and do not add anything to the scene, the build size jumps to 11.8mb

When I check the Console Editor the culprit seems to be the textures/meshes associated with a set of Stones in the Nature Pack. These stones haven’t been added to the scene. How are these stone assests affecting the scene’s build size when i haven’t added them to the scene?

Did you put those assets in a folder, or in it’s hierarchy, called Resources ? Because everything in it would be included to the build, no matter what.

Doing a search for a “Resources” folder revealed a Resources folder w/in the Stones folder. I wonder if I can copy and paste the files from the Resources folder to the root Stones folder and then re-establish the links to the files or simply rename the Resources folder to something else? Will try.

That did it. Moving the files out of the Resources folder and deleting the Resources folder in Unity retained the linkages between the files. Thanks for the info on the resources folder!