Large City (Mobile) Memory Optimization Idea


I’m working on a city building game for mobile (iPhone 5S min) that is similar to Age of Empires (the PC version). The terrain is already present (it is a large terrain - 3500x2000) and the user can place around 100 different buildings in there.

I’m estimating the terrain will be able to have approximately 1000 buildings, a few dozen ships and 300-400 people which causes a memory havoc.

What is the best way to optimize performance in a way that doesn’t cause memory issues. I was thinking of destroying buildings/people that were not visible in the camera view and then instantiating as the user is moving the camera. This could be CPU intensive and might cause lag.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

P.S - I have already optimized the rendering aspect with low poly assets, one texture etc.

Using an occlusion culling system could boost the performance of the game greatly. Occlusion culling deactivates the gameobjects that are not visible to the camera.