large map? help

i want to make a large map for a survival game, i am new to unity and i want to make a map like in rust, how can i do it so only the area i am in loads and the area i cant see doesn’t show that way i can improve performance in game. (sorry if i explained this in a weird way)

Terrain is one of the core founding blocks of any game, and is not easily created. If you want a shortcut, you could buy a terrain pack. There are many on the asset store.

As most starting developers don’t have the money to spend on these assests, however, you could learn how to build these yourself. That way you have control over the look and feel of the terrain that prepackaged assests don’t really have.

I don’t have a great example of 3D terrain, but I did find one for 2D, that should be able to scale up to 3D once you understand it. The tutorial is made by Dan Violet Sagmiller, and is hosted on Lynda is a paid service, but they do offer a 10 day trial period, which is more than enough time to go through this 3 hour tutorial. Link is below: