Large resouce folder iOs crash at startup

Hello Unity Community!

Once again I am in need of some help.

We are working on a project that requires a lot of images (360s of cars and addition layers like paint/trim/lights/wheels). This causes our resource folder to be extremely big, >2.0GB big! In unity editor the app runs fine. Once we try to make an iOS build it crashes at start up. (refer to pictures for crash log/error)

Strangely enough, if we remove some files and get the resource folder to below 2.0GB it will start up and run fine. It’s once the resource folder is over 2.0GB when the power occurs.

If you have any questions or want addition information please let me know and I’ll response ASAP. I should mention that there is urgency to fix this. We have only til end of day Monday to fix this or we are doomed.

Images about the crash

EDIT 1: We made a test project that had a ton of images in the resources folder but didn’t use/load any of them and got the same problem. So, it seems as if the resources folder has a cap in its size. We are currently looking into using the streaming asset folder. Any suggestions are welcomed.

If you are using regular image formats, Apple will remake the images to their native image format. However, they do this with no regard to compression so they end up being giant. To avoid this, in Unity make sure the format of your images is PVTRC (you can change this in the inspector when you click on an image, you can probably quickly get all the textures by typing in “texture” into the search bar of the Project tab). That is the native ios image format and it won’t remake the images when releasing from XCode.

This isn’t a true solution for this problem but we realized we had duplicate assets in our folders, so we cleaned up our resources folder and it is now under 2.0GB and it will compile and run now.