Large, seamless environments

I’m familiar with using separate scenes for separate “levels” in Unity, but I’d like to create an open-world game with large, seamless terrains, as seen in Elder Scrolls, WoW, etc. Is this feasible in Unity? How could it be achieved?

It can be achieved, but you will need a LoD system that is fast and robust enough to swap out tiles of terrain at runtime without noticeable flickering. Don’t know if Unity’s own LoD system can handle that (although it should) and you’d need Pro for it anyway.

Hello CazicThule!

I like your question and have voted it up. The answer would be to use noise to create you terrains. I learned about noise while animating in cinema 4d.

Noise is seamless and can take the form of any surface (including clouds).

  1. Create a noise shader.
  2. Apply the noise shader to a plane.
  3. Put planes together to create your landscape.

Noise can be mixed with other Noises and animated at different speeds with other Noises. Noise, I think is your best option, because it’s so fluid and because it’s procedural. You can also color (with alpha) and displace noise based on greyscale information and use lots of different greyscale noises to create interestingly colored and shaped landscapes.

Well thats my input :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how you’d code this (I don’t know shader script ;). But your landscapes would definitely look original this way and, of course, procedural.

Cheers and happy 5th of january :slight_smile: