Laser not causing damage

I’m trying to do the Lerpz tutorial thing and I’m at the point where I make the lasers. I’ve got them in the scene, and they move and glow and all that stuff. But for some reason, they don’t cause any damage to my character. I followed the tutorial steps exactly, but it’s not working. Anyone know what’s wrong with it?

Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I came across the same problem and figured I’d post the answer for future reference :slight_smile: If you follow the tutorial it tells you to place the laser at the entrance of the tunnel that leads to the arena. If you look at the script for the laser you’ll notice this line:

if (hit.collider.tag == "Player" || hit.collider.tag == "Enemy")

What’s happening is you’ve probably placed the laser so that it’s always touching the walls of the tunnel. It never hits Lerpz because it’s constantly hitting the tunnel wall, which is also a collidable object.

You need to place the laser so that it doesn’t touch the walls (scale it on the z axis to make it smaller) OR you can make the laser ignore the tunnel wall object (it’s named ‘laserTunnels’).

Hope this helps someone :slight_smile: