Last frame of last scene not cleared?

Hi folks,

I have 2 scenes in my project, say “MenuScene” and “PlayScene”.

When I try to switch from MenuScene to PlayScene by Application.LoadLevel(“PlayScene”), the MenuScene remains in background of the PlayScene. However, the background MenuScene goes away if I change windows size or go to full screen.

The MenuScene is mostly built with UI.

Any ideas how to fix this? Please guide me.


in most case of camera still shows last frame of the last scene, in that isuse cause by “Clear Flag” option of camera property, so pelease check all camera depth of scene you load and the camera has lowest value as depth it must one has one of these option as Clear Flag (Skybox or Solid Color)

I temporarily solved this problem by resetting resolution with the same window size before load new scene.

Application.LoadLevel ("PlayScene");
Screen.SetResolution (Screen.width, Screen.height, Screen.fullScreen);