Latency for UNET?


Recently I finished a UNET system. My only problem is, for the host it is sort of laggy, and for clients it is super laggy. I tried using NetworkManager network simulation but it only seemed to make it worse. Any help at this point is appreciated.

The quickest and easiest changes that improved things are:

Change send intervals of Enemy and Player scripts back to 0.1f (the default) and change Enemy script channel to channel 1 from 0.

Make channel (1) Reliable (fragmented, I tried) in Network manager.

These changes made the game run smoothly (twice the fps even!) and the player shoots smoothly.

I made changes to the Anim state machines which involve taking out the inward loops and linking the leaving-state transitions to EXIT STATE. (The enter state brings it straight back in so dont worry).

Turn up mesh compression on your enemies to high and lose the reflection probes. Turn down shadows; your GPU is working way too hard.

And your enemy skeleton could use a bit of work.