Latency with android touch

Maybe someone ask for this but i don’t find it.

Had a very simple code: Pass my finger on a ball to push it.
So just a ball and the floor (not too many object!!!).

In the editor with Input.GetMouseButton it work well.
But when i test it on android device, there’s a very short latency when my finger pass on the ball, and when the force apply on it.
So it works, but doesn’t look great !

I tried many sort of detection, thought that is maybe the problem.
Test with update, fixedUpdate, reduce timestep etc…

But at the end, i think that the problem of latency is the response of touch in android.
Am i right ?
And is there any solution ?

(Sorry i’m not english, so forgive my mistake)

You’ll see this is a common issue.
You should implement Input.touches instead


Ive read about foreach having some issues (maybe performance related) compared to a for loop. It shouldnt cause this kind of issue. I would suspect you are running touches from FixedUpdate. Try Update instead.

If you use different methods in editor and device, use proper ‘platform specific directives’.

Had to go. I tried #if UNITY_EDITOR && UNITY_ANDROID… later to see if i have the same behaviour on the editor. Thanks for your time.