Latest 2018 Unity and 3d Game Kit error

Kia ora

I jus signed up to the Beta and got down all the software and loaded “The book of the dead” but need to upgrade from wondows 7 to windows 10.

So I started the 3D Game Kit tutorials, wel tried and keep getting this even after reloading it all

An error occurred while resolving packages:
Package com.unity.cinemachine@2.1.12 has invalid dependencies:
com.unity.modules.timeline: Package [com.unity.modules.timeline@1.0.0] cannot be found

I was able to resolve this issue by going to window > package manager and clicking on cinemachine and changing the version dropdown to 2.2.0 and clicking update. Then I removed the timeline package. No errors now.

EDIT: I also missed the part that says “IMPORTANT NOTE” so maybe do what that says as well.

having same issue with this unity version