Latest Oculus Unity Integration package appears faulty

I’ve posted this on the Oculus board, wanted to save someone some sanity so am reposting here. :slight_smile:


I was having a problem with the latest Unity Integration package (dated 26 March 2015).

It seemed that the “center” of the field was lost; that is, anything in the middle of a scene seemed very far to the right in the left lens and very far to the left in the right lens of the Rift. As such, I could see things far to the right or far to the left (but the effect was odd in that vision tries to overlay matters). Other than that, builds completed successfully.

After driving myself crazy changing various project and build settings in Unity, I dug out a copy of the previous integration package (sometimes it’s good to be a packrat) which is dated 3 December 2014.

I deleted the OVR and plugins folder from the Unity project (otherwise Unity will say, “You already have this stuff”) and reinstalled from the earlier package.

Everything worked perfectly then (though I had to change “World” to “WorldSpace” in the mainMenu.cs file in the utility scripts directory per an earlier note).

I double-checked matters pretty thoroughly so I don’t think it’s me (even if I’m still pretty new to both Unity and the Rift).

Just wanted to share these observations and potentially save someone else some time.

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Easier to attach an image here than on the Oculus bulletin-board, so at the risk of duplication, am posting here:

"In any case, I whipped up a quick image illustrating the matter. Assume the outer rectangle is completely filled by the lighter grey - it’s in 1920x1080 aspect ratio - and the two darker “lozenge-ish” shapes represent the Oculus output (e.g., thinking about the two stereo outputs). The point is that the Oculus could “see” the outer edges but the center of the field was missing. If one “strained”, one could see the object in the middle (or at least it’s edges) and as other objects moved in the field of view, they would be visible in one “lens” and then the other, with some overlap (depending on the size of the object) as it moved through the center area.

Does that make sense?"

Image attached…44257-oculus-integration-bug.png