launch mobile games Unity 4.6 need unity pro IOS and Android? And Unity Android or IOS needs some library´s to work?

Hello everyone, I´m beginner in Unity and i want to lunch a mobile game to ANdroid and IOS.
So i want to know if to lunch and make a mobile game in unity i need to download another thing a lot to unity, like SDK drive or anything like that.Or I only need go to build seetings select android or IOS and it´s over.
And what´s unity android and IOS pro e what are they funcionality?

OBS:I using unity 4.6 yet

Thank you very mery.

Title of the question doesn’t match the description, in title you ask if you need unity pro, and in text if you need some another libraries. Answer for your title is NO, answer for you text is Yes. You need libraries to build for android for starters Android SDK and Java JDK both are free. As far as i know you don’t need anything additional for IOS. Also have in mind that now (before it was free) Google Play Developer account (required to publish games in Play Store) has now 1 time registration fee of USD 25, and IOS dev account costs USD 99 per year.