Launching multiple Unity games from a single "launcher" game

I have been looking into ways to launch existing Unity projects from a unified “launcher” Unity project and have run into a road block. My scenario is that I have 8 existing Unity projects that I would like to be able to launch from a single project using an interface somewhat like Steam Big Picture mode. The goal of this unified launcher is to have a nice clean interface that can be used when showing in person demos instead of going into the file system and launching each game individually.

From what I have found there are two main ways that this is possible:

  • merging all of the projects into a single project and building from there
  • using the -parentHWND command line argument with something like Process.Start() from the standard C# libraries

The first option is something I would like to avoid as it means having a single huge project that becomes hard to manage and maintain. The second option doesn’t seem optimal as it means having to wait for Unity and everything else to load again.

Ideally I would like to do something similar to using asset bundles except with the ability to include scripts across projects in addition to the assets but as far as I can tell that isn’t possible.

Is there a way to load other Unity games across projects from a single “launcher” style application without having to merge all of the projects together or have multiple instances of Unity running at the same time?

@ssamoil, Did you solve this? I am trying to do something similar.

@ssamoil This isn’t really optimum but if the games that you are trying to launch are your own ( or you have access to the source code) then you could make a build that compiles them all into a sort of super game where the “hub” is a scene with options to load the initial scenes of each of the games. Like I said, not optimal, but maybe a short term work around.