Launching object in circular motion

I have an object that’s rotating around a point (x,y) using

transform.RotateAround(CurrentSun.transform.localPosition, Vector3.forward, speed * Time.deltaTime);

I want this object to launch out to a vector with a constant speed.


This looks like basic math, but I can’t figure out what to search for (keyword/API).

When I push, say Space, I will know the radius of the circle, and I will know the speed (as it’s constant), and I will know the current transform.position of the object rotating around.

Can someone help me out?

you can get the vector form the center of the sphere to the point using B - A and just get the normal of that vector as force


Vector3 direction = transform.position - CurrentSun.transform.localPosition;

Vector3 normal = new Vector3(direction.y, -direction.x):// or -y,x

then just add force in that direction