Layer Based Terrain Editing / Non-Destructive Workflow?

I was just curious, does Unity offer any ways to edit/modify the terrain using photoshop style layers? It would be great to non-destructively edit the terrain, add features to separate layers, adjust layer weights, turn on-off, etc. Is this something that's possible now or on any roadmaps?
Thanks for any info!!

They are (in reality not) considering it, it's been suggested before:
It probably won't happen as not releasing something like that enables asset store developers to fill that niche and everyone wins (or not if you're an indie dev)

Thanks for sharing that @Flavelius !

They have officially said they are working on it.

But indeed it's hard to know if they are still working on it, team size (it's not unusual for a large scale feature to have a team of 2), whether it will ever release as experimental, and whether it will ever get out of experimental. And of course whether it will be any good.

In other words, don't hold your breath. There are a few assets out there that may help you, such as Microverse.

Wow, that looks great!!

I wouldn't hold my breath for Unity to deliver this. I've been using Microverse for the past 6 months and it's been great. It's completely non-destructive, and as such it may take a little time to get used to it's way of working. I decided to completely re-do the terrain in my main project using it (which is months of rework!) because I find it is the best way to work with Unity terrain.

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Wow, that looks great!!
Looks great, but is 3 years late without a peep from unity about it :stuck_out_tongue: It’s vaporware until Unity proves otherwise

Looking at the roadmap, a new card has been added recently, showing that some work seems to be done on "Non-destructive contextual workflows" for terrains... some custom inspectors are visible there, but might be an old thing, who knows