Leaderboard/Tournament questions

I want to create two types of tournaments in my game:

  • Personal tournament
  • Team/Clan tournament


  • Each tournament should be for 48hrs based on (UTC-7) time zone (It means once the current tournament is over, the next tournament should start immediately.)

  • 50 players/tournament will join and they will be divided randomly. For example, if we have 1000 players, we will divide them to 20 tournaments.

  • Mechanic : The player who gets the most stars/score in that period will win

  • Prizes:

  • Top 3 should get 100 coins

  • Top 10 should get 10 coins

  • Only players who are active in last 48hrs can join.


  • It should be held Fri-Sun(UTC -7) = 72hrs

  • 10 teams or clans/tournament will join and they will be divided randomly.

  • The team/clan who gets the most stars/scores in that period will win.

  • Prizes:

  • 10000 Coins divided equally to all team/clan members

Based on above mentioned requirements of both tournaments - Is it possible to do this with Unity cloud code? Maybe you can share me useful links in documentation?

Thanks! Have a nice day.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, this is currently not available and wouldn't be able to be done through Cloud Code.

We are, however, currently looking at adding a leaderboards feature so thank you for the highly detailed use-case. I have passed this along to the team as it will go a long way to helping us determine what our users need to get out of it.

One of our team may reach out in the future to discuss these ideas with you.

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This is key functionality in any modern live game on any platform, and it is a huge oversight from your team not to consider it a priority for Day 1 availability. This is a must have and there is no similar service without it. In fact, most similar services came out to provide solutions for exactly such issues. Tournaments, Leaderboards, etc.

I would like to know more about this, and point out once more the urgency and importance of such key retention features.

Hi Soleron,

We released the UGS products as beta products intending to get the best feedback to allow the product to grow the way our clients need/want it to grow. As the feedback on leaderboards continues to increase, this is something that we are wanting to develop and release so thank you for your interest in this. I will relay it back to the teams and will update this thread as news comes in.

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Leaderboards, Tournaments etc are key, must have features.

Beta means almost feature complete.
Feedback during Beta is meant to help a team refine something. Not design and build it.

During Beta, these features should be in there and the feedback would revolve around the way these are available to the developers, the ease of integration etc. Not whether they are needed.

The term more suitable for what you described would be either "Prototype" or at best, "Alpha".

In reality, such decisions become obvious from an even earlier stage, called "Market Research" ;)

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Any progress on solving this problem?


Any progress on leaderboards yet?

Keep an eye out for GDC :slight_smile:

https://forum.unity.com/forums/leaderboards.886/ Leaderboards is out in Open Beta now :smile: