Leaderboards for Android on Unity

Hi All
I am trying to integrate Leaderboards in my Unit Android Game using Google Play Games Services(GPGS). However it seems like GPGS is going to be deprecated from March 2018(Screenshot attached). Also, the game always crashes on device when I call the Login Authentication for GPGS.

I was thinking of using FB leaderboard but even that seems to be deprecated. (Screenshot attached)

I think Firebase is my only option but I am unable to find any resources to implement leaderboards with Firebase. Is there any other alternative/Asset or Firebase resource that some one can please please please point me towards.

Thanks for reading!

Yes, The Step Facebook took to remove almost all usable features from their platform for game’s will always be one of the most criticized one.
You can use PlayFab, unlike Facebook which provide just 1 score leaderboard (per user per game), PlayFab provide 25 leaderboards in their free tier.