League of Legends Lightmapping? Black Fog?

Hey guys. So in LoL your whole map is unexplored and there is only one directional light source thats following the player. I want the same in my game but I really have no clue how to achieve it. My idea was to lay black fog over the whole scene but areas that are affected by directional lights. So I can create a light that is following the player to uncover the area around, as well as some lights all over the scene to highlight special objects.
I know I can create Fog that starts at a certain distance of the player, but as I said, I want it to be affected by directional lights and not by the player itself. Does anyone of you ever did similar things?

So the goal is:
A directional light that is following the player
Black fog over the whole scene but the areas that are effected by the directional light.




That’s called “fog of war”, and there is a pretty good free solution. A similar question with some answers can be found elsewhere on this site.