LeanTween: delayedCall not executed

I have a simple test gameobject with a script attached. In the start function, I schedule a delayed call from LeanTween. The scheduling is properly executed as far as traceable (i.e. until the PushNewTween is called with all parameters correctly in place). However, the function is never called. Console just logs the scheduling, but never the execution of the method. Using “Invoke” works (so I do have a workaround), but I simply don’t understand it. I am using delayedCall the same way in other places (not within Start()), and there it works w/o issues. Is there anything I should know about using LeanTween within a Start() call?

public class testScene : MonoBehaviour {
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		LeanTween.delayedCall(1.0f, walkCharacter);
		// Invoke("walkCharacter", 1.0f);   --> this works!
	void walkCharacter() {
 		Log.Debug("walkCharacter called");

You can either call delayedCall like:

LeanTween.delayedCall(gameobject, 1.0f, "walkCharacter");

Or if you use the LeanTween.cs file, you should be able to call the delayedCall exactly as you have done in your code…