learn c#? please help.

First I just want to say that i´m really new to Unity, and I have never typed a code in my entier life. I have now in Unity, created a cylinder on a plane. i would like to know a code that can make my cylinder walk and jump using my arrow ceys or WASD. Im using c#. i would allso be glad if someone could tell me about some c# game creator tutorials. I would really like to know c# and java. please tell me how you first learned c# or Java, and please give me some advice:)

I advice you roll up your sleeves, take a good breath, and dive right into the Lerpz tutorial, head first ! Ok it’s in java … script :p, but to go from js to c# isn’t that much of a stretch I would say. If you really want C#, look for Burgzurg tutorials. I know those are pretty big for beginners and can look scary, but it’s worth it.

Good luck.

1st step go on youtube

2nd look up either

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If you just want to learn to code, using a game as a project, try just C# VisualStudio Express (it’s free) and start a “Forms” mode project. It’s got pictures, sound, colors – can make any sort of 2D adventure/puzzle game. Adding a Timer and OnKeyDown events lets you make 2D shooters, platformers… . Lots of info around the web on VS.

Unity has all the extra professional/gamey stuff. Instead of a color, you have to use a Material+shader+texture+tint. In C#, you can easily check if two things overlap, but that runs too slowly for 50+ object; so Unity’s has an auto-collision system, in the “physics engine.” …