Learn tab not available,How do I get started with the learn tab?

the learn tab has never shown up in the initial screen in unity. I get a getting started tab with a video. The video offers no methods to get to the learning tab. What do I need to do to make the tab appear?,Since the initial install, every time I open the editor, I get the projects tab and the Getting started tab. I watch the video, it seems only informational. The learn tab has never been there. Problem is, the tutorials all tell me to go to the learn tab. Any help would be appreciated.

Same problem. Reinstalling Unity fixed the problem. Evidently Unity doesn’t update to the latest version when its supposed too.

I even checked for updates inside the (Unity) editor (before reinstalling ) and it said I was up to date…

I was also having problems with Monodevelop not opening and the Unity tools for Visual Studio not working. Reinstalling (Unity) fixed monodevelop and I have yet to reinstall Visual Studio. I may not bother since monodevelop is working now.

Hope this helps @Lothgoradin