Learning about asset creation


I am a newb game developer (although I’ve been a software developer for 15 years). Learning Unity is one thing but learning about things that I guess I’m assumed to already know (materials, shaders, procedural materials, alpha textures, normal maps, detail textures, cubemap textures, etc.) is a little confusing.

I’d like to understand how these assets are created and then utilized in a game (created with Unity 3D of course).

Are there any books, tutorials, etc. that are targeted at teaching these topics?

Thank you,

Hope i’m not being rude by advertising my company, but a good portion of the Unity functionality is covered in a tutorial series we are making on our YouTube channel. Also if you just want to keep up and get a understanding of Unity, we talk about and teach a lot of the cool stuff there is to learn. Check out some of these links! :slight_smile:

YouTube channel (look for the Survival Game Tutorial Series): Brackeys - YouTube
Facebook: Brackeys