Learning From Nothing to Advanced unity scripting for a teen developer!?

i need help how and where should i start learning unity scripting!! about to watching video tutorials, i sometimes not understand voice and my connection is slow!!

so, i need documentation the best way learning unity scripting from really first basic to advanced!! especially, i want documentation that was (simple english/easy to understand) for a teen that doesn't have any programming experience!!

First, make sure you follow Sebas' link for a great place to start learning Unity, however I'm adding this answer because your question seems to particularly focus on asking for advice based on learning programming at a young age.

I'd suggest that learning programming at a young age is probably a great time to learn, and in fact rather than it being a hinderance it is probably an advantage, since you have masses of free time and a brain which is perhaps eager to soak up information much more rapidly than some of the, *ahem*, slightly more fossilized community members here! (I started learning at the age of five, when my Grandad got a ZX81, and we'd copy listings out of magazines together.)

Just make sure you balance it out with a healthy amount of time away from the screen - you're only young once!

I have posted a collection of learning resources and tutorials here. Some of them are text-based tutorials so you won't have problems with understanding somebody's voice. The resources listed there should cover everything from absolute beginner to advanced user, no matter what your age is.

Try this scripting tutorial for beginners here.