Learning scripting method help.

I want to know how to faster learning scripting . I ha
ve learning the basics of scripting ,and on 3 days i finally understand how to scripting ,but still beginner . I want to learn intermediate scripting ,like gunbob ,AI ,enemy damage ,destruction ,etc . I just understand how to make spectator camera ,the gun shoots ,sprinting ,and duck . But when i learn scripting via scripting reference ,i very confused . I dont know how to learn scripting ,i think scripting just need to remember the codes and this metode is so confusing and useless . Are scripting is alike math lesson ? Or there are some another metode to learn scripting ? Thanks for the advance .

Same question, same answer all over again: How can I start learning Unity fast? ( List Of Tutorials )

Additionally, you can learn by reading some books about the basics of programming (for example Head First C# or C# for Dummies…)