Learning Unity as Game Programmer

**I finished Post Graduation in Computer Science and I have experience of One Year in Developing Software’s. Now Currently I’m Working Under Unity3d.

My Big Question is it possible to learn Full and full of unity through the Google, Tutorials and Youtube.

Is it valuable if I learn through Tutorials…

If can I learn means what are sites I have to refer.

And As a Game Programmer what are the things I should know
1.Animation 2.Modeling 3.Lighting 5.Programming. Is Maya essential for this…?

Else, Have to join in Game Institute…?

Suggest me…**

You probably ask for a refund on your degree.

You can learn full use of Unity through the documentation- that’s what its for. YouTube, Google etc. will help give you examples, but I imagine you should be comfortable reading an API reference.

For your next questions, it really depends what type of programmer you want to be. If you’re programming the animation system, you’ll need to know a lot about animation. If you’re working in a large team that has dedicated modellers and lighting artists, you won’t need to know so much about those areas, but in many small teams the programmer might be expected to also know some off those skills. And obviously a programmer should know about programming…

Maya is one 3d software tool that can be used. There are plenty of others and no, it’s certainly not essential.