Legacy Animation doesn't work...

Hi Everyone,
I’m trying to create a legacy animation and get it to play, but it doesn’t seem to want to. I have an animator running and it works great, but it’s extremely inefficient, and since I have hundreds of gameobjects at a time with animators, I decided to go the animation route. Ok, now I have set up an animation and attached it to a gameobject. I’ve attached clips to it, but it will not play. Even when I try to play it in the editor manually (by selecting the gameobject and pressing “Play” in the animation window, I still see nothing…Any ideas? By the way, this is for a 2d game by the way, so it’s sprites…

NOTE: I have already changed the animation to be Legacy (options->Debug) in the editor.


Sprite animations only work with the new animation system, unfortunately. Legacy animations clips can only animate properties of components. If you don’t want to use the Animator you may want to do the sprite animation manually by exchanging the sprites in the spriterenderer.

If you have trouble how to do this manually, have a look at this answer

I’ve created this package which “overcomes” this limitation. It’s totally free.



Legacy doesn’t support any PPtr Animation, you can animate any property of the Components, but you can not animate the reference to another object like the Sprite reference.

You could try using the 2D Animation package.