Legacy Animation for 2D Sprites, on Unity 4.5?

What’s the situation of Legacy Animations for 2D Sprites on Unity 4.5? I’ve tried creating a Legacy Animation for sprites, but there would be no way for it to play during the game. I’ve already changed it’s type to ‘1’ on Debug mode before anyone suggests this. I’ve tried both “Play Automatically” and disabled too. Also, trying to play it by script wouldn’t bring any results. I’ve managed to resolve all of this by using Mecanim Animator, but it bothers me that: 1- I have to use animator for a simple prefab with only one animation, and 2- I had to create a script to access it’s states since Animator is private by default (if I got this correctly?). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Go to the animation in the project, select debug (next to the lock picture), then change the animation type to 1.