Legacy animation, object moving to 0,0,0 upon playing?

I’ve tried to use Legacy animation (as I don’t understand Mecanim and it would be an overkill for thing I wanted to do) to animate object (that chest-like monster that attack you when you try to open it, forgot its name).

Unfortunately, when I try to play one of those animations (they’re split up in Unity’s animation editor based on which key frame they start and end), monster seems to return to (global) 0,0,0 and in Blender which I use to animate and model things, I’ve recorded in keyframes only rotation and scale of things, not Location (checked IPO curves just to be sure and there are only for scale and rotation). And yes, I’ve tried to delete whole animation, then apply (ctrl+a) scale/rotation and position, then animate again, same result.

There’s 2 possibilities. First, under the ‘animator’ component on your object, uncheck “apply root motion”. Having this checked will lock the animation to the position it is located in Blender.

If this doesn’t work, then you’ll have to go into blender and place a random object somewhere with no animation on it. For some reason, sometimes if all objects in a scene in blender are animated, it’ll apply root motion regardless. Having one object with no keyframes set on it seems to negate this.

Since the OP didnt confirm this, I will do it.
placing a non-animted object did the job indeed. I work with Max, and basicly what i did is i placed a Pointer object at the feet of my character and parented everything to it. when i exported it, in Unity you will have to place the Pointer object in the scene and you can apply everything accrodingly to your mesh.

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Worked for me too, importing from Blender. Just delete the extra object after import.

Thanks for the tip